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There are many different textures from which to choose. Depending upon the condition of the ceiling, you may be limited to which type of texture will bring the desired results.

The most popular type of texture is the skip trowel. The light skip is subtle, the medium skip has a little more depth, and the heavy skip can be used where more definition is desired.

The knock-down texture is similar to the type of texture on most walls. Our crew will need advance notice to do this type of texture as it requires the use of special equipment.

The orange peel and smooth texture are recommended only for ceilings that are free from surface imperfections. The smoother the surface, the more noticeable surface imperfections become.


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texture-sample1.jpg (7858 bytes)
Skip Trowel
texture-sample2.jpg (8960 bytes)
Skip Trowel
texture-sample3.jpg (11211 bytes)
Skip Trowel
texture-knockdown.jpg (9727 bytes)
Knock Down
texture-orange-peel.jpg (9769 bytes)
Orange Peel

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